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Police Hilariously Put Driver With Homophobic Bumper Sticker On Blast After Traffic Stop

The Ottawa Police Department shared a photo of the driver's 'only gay cops give me tickets' bumper sticker on X, formerly Twitter, with a mic drop message.

Photo of the vehicle, a banged-up white car

The Ottawa Police Department hilariously trolled an irresponsible (extreme understatement) and ignorant driver whose grossly neglected vehicle flaunted a homophobic bumper sticker.

In a post made to X, formerly Twitter, Ottawa Police Service’s Traffic and Enforcement Unit shared some photos of the aforementioned car along with a clever photo of their own.

The caption listed multiple violations deeming the car unsafe for driving.

“The list was long with this one…no license, no insurance, fail to display two plates, fail to surrender permit, no horn, improper muffler, no parking brake…pretty much an all-round unfit vehicle."

But it was the final infraction that caused this tweet to go viral.

“And a dash of ignorance for good measure.”

Along with the plethora of safety offenses, the car displayed an anti-LGBTQ+ bumper sticker that stated:

“Only gay cops give me tickets.”

Well, the posting officer had the perfect response, completing the caption:

“Well, as it turns out…”

Next to the images of the vehicle and its bumper sticker was a photo of an Ottawa Police Service badge positioned above rainbow stripes all against a background of purple flowers.

Viewers of the post were highly entertained by the way the officer trolled the offender.

Many also hoped the officer who pulled the driver over was the same one who made the post.

We sure do appreciate a hefty serving of karma.

Thank you, officer.