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Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The Trumps' outgoing speeches have been getting roasted across platforms, but some are attracting a little extra attention.

Among them, Tiffany Trump's announcement of her engagement.

Tiffany Trump posted a photo on Instagram of herself and her now-fiancé posing on the grounds of the White House.

"It has been an honor to celebrate many milestones, historic occasions and create memories with my family here at the White House," she wrote in the post.

"None more special than my engagement to my amazing fiancé Michael! Feeling blessed and excited for the next chapter!"

The Trump term ended with a second impeachment of former President Trump, a violent insurrection incited by the President and a raging pandemic that has claimed the lives of over 400,000 Americans.

But you would never know that from the photo.

Former President Trump's political immunity from prosecution also expired and with several Attorneys General investigating him, this could be bad news for the entire family.

The second Trump daughter recently took flack for posting birthday greetings to her brother Eric during the Capitol riot.

Both times Tiffany was advised to "read the room."

Tiffany's fiancé, Michael Boulos, is a Nigeria-based Lebanese business executive and billionaire. Coincidentally, Donald Trump once referred to Nigeria as a "sh*thole" country in an infamous tirade.

The engagement has not turned many heads, but should legal charges come up against the Trump family, Boulos' status as an expatriate may become an interesting talking point.