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Eric Trump's Attempt At Criticizing Hunter Biden Turns Into The Ultimate Self-Own

If you've ever thought President Trump seems just a step behind what's going on, you won't be surprised to know neither of his sons have fallen very far from the tree.

In a recent interview on Fox News, Eric Trump attempted to attack Hunter Biden.

It may have been a more effective moment if the same attacks Trump shot at Biden couldn't be aimed right back at himself.

Twitter didn't hold back on Eric, quickly pointing out Hunter Biden was far from the only son getting lots of money for doing relatively little.

With the Trump family, nepotism is just part of the game.

It seems Eric only has a problem with Hunter Biden because he's the son of a political rival.

One might even wonder why anyone in politics bothers listening to Eric Trump in the first place.

The entire Trump family is actively profiting from the Presidency every time the President visits a Trump hotel or golf course or resort.

And instances of corruption like these were around long before the Trumps moved into the White House.

In short, Eric, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

The book Born Trump: Inside America's First Family is available here.


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