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Don Jr. Roasted After Claiming He Had To 'Work My Way Up' At His Dad's Company Unlike Hunter Biden

Don Jr. Roasted After Claiming He Had To 'Work My Way Up' At His Dad's Company Unlike Hunter Biden
Donald Kravitz/WireImage/Getty Images

As President Trump continues to lag behind Joe Biden in the polls--in many cases by double-digit margins--the Trump campaign seems almost singularly focused not on attacking Joe Biden himself, or presenting compelling policy agreements, but rather on attacking Biden's son Hunter.

But one of the newest attacks on Hunter Biden is perhaps the richest of them all.

The President's son Donald Trump Jr. today claimed that, unlike Biden's son, he had to actually work for his high-level job in his father's company. And the internet put him right in his place.

Trump Jr. made the comments in a tweet posted early Thursday morning.

The Trump kids are known for many things, but scrappy, by-the-bootstraps upstarts is, of course, not among them.

Even if Trump Jr. had started from the bottom and worked his way up, the company that Trump Jr. helps manage, The Trump Organization, was started by President Trump with a now infamous loan from his father of nearly $61 million--about $140 million in today's money.

Trump Jr.'s claim that Joe Biden "gave his son China" was in reference to repeated baseless claims by President Trump that Hunter Biden made millions, or sometimes billions, of dollars from a Chinese private equity firm after he accompanied Joe Biden on a diplomatic trip to China in 2013 during his tenure as Vice President.

The claims have repeatedly been debunked as baseless.

Trump Jr.'s accusation of nepotism is just the latest of a months-long effort by the Trump Campaign to paint Hunter Biden as corrupt. Earlier this week, presidential advisor Rudy Giuliani spearheaded a data dump from a laptop supposedly abandoned by Hunter Biden, a plot so dubious even Fox News refused to air it. Trump and his surrogates have also sought to cast Joe Biden's parental relationship with his son as inappropriate.

None of it has seemed to work, however: Trump's poll numbers have steadily moved in the wrong direction for weeks.

It was working on Twitter, either. Nobody was buying what Trump Jr. was selling, and the drags were swift and brutal.

Trump Jr., who will celebrate his 43rd birthday in December, has never held a job outside of his father's company. He is currently an Executive Vice President of the company and co-manages it with his younger brother, Eric.