Natasha Ryce made the mistake of leaving her car window all the way down while visiting her parents in Hemingway, South Carolina.

Unlike the usual outcome of that particular mistake, however, her car didn't end up full of rain.

When her daughter came out and checked the car, it was full of cats!

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Move over, Patrick Mahomes.

Tom Brady who?

Sit down, Aaron Rodgers.

There is a new NFL MVP and he is MVP until the end of time.

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There is no evidence to support the crazy cat lady stereotype that owners of the pets are disproportionately depressed, anxious or alone, according to new research.

Academics found that those who own felines did not report suffering adverse mental or social problems any more than those with dogs or no pets at all.

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CasarsaGuru via Getty Images // @caitchristinee/Twitter // @livtower/Twitter

The claws are coming out after one mother saw how her husband instructed groomers to make over the family cat.

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We're truly living in an exciting time for technology. Snapchat recently released new filters which use facial mapping to make you look stereotypically masculine or feminine. Many people had fun playing around with the new filters, but Twitter user @LoloFennec found someone who took things to the next level.

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A family has gone viral for inventing a cuddly method for soothing their cat with arthritis, posting a video of him being carried around in a sling.

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Stephen King's Pet Sematary got another adaptation for the big screen after its 1989 predecessor gave audiences the heebee jeebees.

Even though the original adaption garnered generally favorable reviews, it didn't rank among King's better horror films, like The Shining or Carrie, but it did gain cult status for its twisted premise.

The new version directed by Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer that was released over the weekend is also experiencing mixed reviews, even with this reincarnation featuring a plot-point gender twist.

Audiences are divided over the the remake but over on Twitter, they can agree on one thing, and it involves that darn cat.

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