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Eric Trump Gets Brutal Reminder Of His Past After Rant About Christmas Presents Being Stuck On Ships

Eric Trump Gets Brutal Reminder Of His Past After Rant About Christmas Presents Being Stuck On Ships
Fox News

Eric Trump, son of former President Donald Trump, went on Fox News to complain.

It seems that is what the Trump family is best at, as Eric complained about the state of supply chains. He somehow blames current President Joe Biden for toys being stuck on ships for Christmas.

However, his bluster left much to be desired.

Most people who listened to his whiny rant on Fox News didn't believe the middle Trump son, especially since his grasp of history is more than a little shaky.

Back in 2017, Forbes reported that the Eric Trump Foundation, the charity organization that claimed it was donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to help children with cancer, was actually spending its money on Donald Trump's golf courses.

The Trump family is known for using their charities as tax safe havens to move money around, eventually ensuring the funds end up in their own pockets. But Eric Trump's promise that his charity was donating the money to a children's cancer hospital and then funneling it to his dad's business was particularly heinous.

Which is likely why no one believed his alligator tears about children's Christmas gifts.

As some have pointed out, they've been able to buy gifts for their loved ones just fine.

The issues with the supply chain have been caused by a number of factors, not the least of which is a global pandemic that created far worse problems while Eric's father was president.

Eric's lack of understanding of supply chains and business in general led to a lot of online humor.

Eric's reputation for hypocritical takes is legendary. Just last month, he tried to rip President Biden for spending some time at home during a national crisis.

However, he seemed to conveniently forget that his father was infamous for doing the same, spending more time on the golf course than being the president.