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Eric Trump Says 'God' Is To Thank For His Father's 2016 Win In Cringey Video–And The Mockery Came Quick

Eric Trump Says 'God' Is To Thank For His Father's 2016 Win In Cringey Video–And The Mockery Came Quick

In the wake of the FBI search of former Republican President Donald Trump's home on Monday, the Trumps have been working overtime to cast themselves as innocent victims of a rogue police state bent on their destruction.

And this time even the former President's second son Eric Trump is being allowed to play the game.

Just hours after the search itself, Eric Trump gave an interview in which he cast his family as just a group of mild-mannered, devout, Bible-toting Christians.

So devout, in fact, it was God himself who elected Trump to the presidency in 2016, according to Eric.

Hear it for yourself below.

Eric Trump's comments came during an online interview given just hours after the FBI's search of Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate, reportedly because of classified documents Trump removed from the White House.

It's unclear what the exact context of Eric Trump's comments were.

But presumably he was reiterating one of the narratives the right has ginned up about the FBI search—it is yet another act of persecution against the God-fearing Christian the religious right claims Donald Trump.

Eric Trump told his interviewers his father's victory over former Democratic Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can only be explained one way—divine providence, according to Eric.

He said:

"The Clinton dynasty and machine...had out-[fund]raised us by 5X--you better believe that somebody's hand was...guiding him through, otherwise we wouldn't have stood a chance in the world."
"We had every disadvantage."

Well, except for one advantage—their heartwarming bond as a loving Christian family.

A family of five children from three wives and a few paid off mistresses.

"Maybe the one advantage we had is we believed in God, we believed in family, and we fought together as a family...
"...But I'm not sure if any advantage in the world could have overcome the odds that we overcame and I really, really do believe that somebody was looking down on him."

People on Twitter had thoughts on Donald's divinity.

Guess God was busy in 2020.