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Chrissy Teigen Slams Ivanka Trump For Her Tone-Deaf Tweet About Being Isolated At Home As Americans Demand Action

Chrissy Teigen Slams Ivanka Trump For Her Tone-Deaf Tweet About Being Isolated At Home As Americans Demand Action
Gotham/GC Images, via Getty Images; Mark Wilson, via Getty Images

With families across the U.S. cooped up at home day after day to reduce the spread of coronavirus, logistical and financial stressors are quickly becoming evident.

Though some have been able to cushion the blow of that lifestyle change much easier than others.

When Ivanka Trump made that wildly evident via Twitter, model and author Chrissy Teigen put her on blast.

In the United States alone, the Novel Coronavirus has infected over 10,000 people and killed 150. It is hardly news to say that everybody who can remain at home is asked to do so.

For many families, the logistics of everyone suddenly spending the entire day in the house is a real struggle.

Parents, if they're lucky enough to carry a job that can be performed from home, are forced to wrap their heads around doing so out of the office. For those that can't, that means loss of income and stress over how to pay bills and pay for things like food and utilities.

Not to mention, with schools largely closed across the country, those parents have to take care of kids while attempting to stay focused on work. After all lunch, which may have previously been provided by the school, is not going to make itself.

Ivanka Trump, in a Tweet, made it very clear that she and her family are among those that are NOT struggling. Not at all.

She posted a photo offering advice about how parents can spend the long days.

The internet was very quick to point out that heiress and White House adviser Ivanka's reality is not shared by millions of Americans.

One of those reminders came from Chrissy Teigen, who has NEVER been shy to call things out on social media when she has a problem.

Teigen's caption, "can we please have tests" is clearly a vicarious dig at Ivanka's father, President Donald Trump.

The Trump administration has spent at least a week fending off criticisms that the federal government's response to the virus' initial spread was sluggish. Those criticisms blame that false start on the country-wide shortage of tests that has dominated headlines.

Teigen was not the only one to slam Ivanka's tweet for being out of touch with the experiences of many Americans.

Some people even highlighted the fact that Ivanka's "coronavirus era" family photo is not even current.

As the coronavirus spread rages on with ever-increasing numbers of new cases, the internet clearly continues to move just as fast, in sporadic and chaotic directions, of course.

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