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Ivanka Trump Is Getting Dragged After People Noticed Some Odd Details About Her Home Office Setup

Ivanka Trump Is Getting Dragged After People Noticed Some Odd Details About Her Home Office Setup
Samuel Corum/Getty Images

If Ivanka Trump's social media posts are an attempt to show us that she is totally normal and just like everyone else, then they are failing miserably.

If anything, her recent posts are making her look more alien and out-of-touch than ever.

One post in particular is causing a stir right now.

At first glance it's just two side-by-side images of her at her desk working on a laptop. But a closer look raised a lot of questions.

Let's start with her post.

The post was intended to spark conversation about what the future of the workforce looks like.

It's an important conversation, a conversation the American people need and would probably love to have. But not right now because right now all the American people—and the rest of the Twitterverse—want to talk about is Ivanka's work space and what on Earth is going on with it.

The longer people looked at it, the more things they noticed that just seemed off.

Questionable Thing One: Those Framed Photos

So most people don't have tables, walls, windowsills, etc. covered with framed images of themselves. Or their fathers framed signature. Or a map of the US as entirely red/Republican.

But if you've ever seen images of the interior of Donald Trump's home then you know making little shrines to yourself is just kind of a thing in this family. Ivanka really likes pictures.

She has posted often enough on social media that people have seen her literally wallpaper using them. So is the shrine-to-self really that surprising or questionable?

Some people were more worried about something else they noticed in the images.

Questionable Thing Two: That Laptop

No one can tell whether Ivanka was actually working in these images or if this was a handy photo-op. Although money is on the latter.

Is that ancient-looking laptop really hers? Why would she stack it on books, which is terrible for keeping laptops cool?

It's almost like she's never used one ever before...

All we do know for sure is that social media is unconvinced Ivanka ever actually works and maybe a little concerned with her office play space.

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