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Ivanka Trump's Bizarre Video About Her Dad's Speech Is Giving Some Serious 'Blair Witch' Vibes


Americans across the country tuned in on Tuesday night for President Donald Trump's 2020 State of the Union.

The speech came amidst the President's impeachment trial in the Senate and contained 31 false statements, with the sycophancy of Trump's allies in Congress on full display.

Ahead of the speech, the President's advisor and eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, gave her Twitter followers a hint of what was to come.

Watch below.

Ivanka assured:

"Super excited. The President's going to give an amazing address on the state of this union, which is absolutely thriving."
"Lots has been accomplished in the past three years that he'll talk about, but he'll also lay out a bold and exciting vision for the future."

But the optimism of Ivanka's words didn't match the foreboding atmosphere brought on by filming in the back of the car.

It started to freak people out.

Some cited the similarities between Ivanka's video and the terrifying horror movie The Blair Witch Project.

Atmosphere aside, the content wasn't warmly received either.

With any luck and with a lot of votes, this was hopefully Trump's final State of the Union address.