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Ivanka Blasted For Complaining About 'Cancel Culture' After University Cancels Her Speech Over Trump's Response To George Floyd Murder

Samuel Corum/Getty Images

President Donald Trump's daughter and senior advisor, Ivanka Trump, was scheduled to give a virtual commencement speech for Wichita State University [WSU].

Given the Trump administration's widely panned response to the protests of George Floyd's murder by police, WSU's decision was soon met with outcry.

The university soon responded.

WSU Tech President Dr. Sheree Utash wrote in a statement:

"I respect and understand the sharply divided reaction to today's announcement. The college stands with those who fight injustice and advocate for social equity, and we 're profoundly proud of the diversity and social change being brought forth by our students, alumni, faculty, and staff."

Only hours after the announcement, the University revoked its invitation.

Ivanka, who holds immense influence and visibility regarding the most pressing issues facing the United States, complained that the university had taken away her platform with its so-called cancel culture.

She aired her grievances on Twitter.

Ivanka posted the speech she intended to give, which said in part:

"You commence at a moment unlike any other. America and the world are battling a terrible pandemic. Our entire society is engaged in a national endeavor to defeat the virus, protect our fellow citizens, and open up America again to rebuild our economy and take care of the safety and well-being of our people. You are a wartime graduate."

She did not mention the protests occurring nationwide.

Ivanka's message was less than well-received.

Even though WSU revoked its invitation, people said it never should have been issued in the first place.

If you really want to cancel Ivanka, make sure you're registered to vote.