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People Are Calling Out Ivanka Trump For The Sheer Irony Of Her Tweets Praising Her Dad's Fight For 'Religious Freedom'

People Are Calling Out Ivanka Trump For The Sheer Irony Of Her Tweets Praising Her Dad's Fight For 'Religious Freedom'
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The Trump family were not marketed as pillars of religious piety—or even religious at all—during the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Art of the Deal and The Apprentice days.

Back then the image was excess.

But since deciding to run for office in 2015, the Trump family became the poster children for religion.

Well, Evangelical Christianity at least.

The Trump White House has a spiritual adviser who claims her feet on the White House lawn or Oval Office carpet makes it hallowed ground and Evangelical preachers across the country hold prayer vigils to cast out all the demons trying to topple Trump.

Trump's Vice President refuses to be alone with women other than his mother/wife and several Trump appointees—current and former—are Bible over Constitution proponents.

The First Daughter and White House adviser, Ivanka Trump, is not part of the Christian love-fest however.

Ivanka converted to Judaism to marry Jared Kushner. Despite insults directed by her father at American Jews—calling them disloyal if they did not vote for him—Ivanka and Jared remained silent on the issue.

But Ivanka did not remain silent when her father performed his latest act to appeal to his Evangelical base.

While at the opening of the 74th United Nations General Assembly general debate, Trump hosted a meeting to promote "religious freedom" around the world and pledged $25 million towards that end. For Evangelicals that global freedom is about forcing Christianity and missionaries onto Indigenous populations without repercussions from local governments.

At a gathering where hundreds of world religions are represented through their UN delegates, Trump's definition of religion was decidedly myopic.


However that didn't stop Ivanka from tweeting daddy's praises.

People were quick to remind Ivanka of a few facts about her father's history with religion.

Or rather his record with non-Evangelical White Christian supporters of Trump religions.

Of which there are many.

Although a few disputed the Muslim ban that was eventually overturned in court ever existed.

People also brought up the track record of a few of Trump's close friends when it comes to religious freedom:

MBS (Muhammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia) and KJU (Kim Jong Un of North Korea) might need to hear Trump's speech more than those at his meeting.

Others had words of advice for Ivanka.

Others pointed out that the United States freedom of religion guarantee is also a freedom from religion guarantee.

While still more disputed Ivanka's numbers.

Where did 80% come from?

And people pointed out what Trump skipped while holding his religious freedom forum and what he did after.

Tuesday's announcement that the House of Representatives would hold an impeachment inquiry at least gives the President incentive to exercise his religious freedom and pray.

The book Your Church, My State: The Atheist's Guide to Understanding Why Our Founding Fathers kept them Separate is available here.


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