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Ivanka Trump Is Getting Slammed After Saying The Separation Of Migrant Families 'Is Not Part Of My Portfolio'

CBS News

The American people have seen a number of controversial policies carried out under the administration of President Donald Trump, but among the worst is the "zero tolerance" policy regarding undocumented immigrants crossing the southern border.

The policy treated all border crossings as criminal offenses, rather than civil offenses including those that are not illegal at all.

In the previous administration, first time offenders caught crossing the border who didn't present a threat to the United States were given a court summons and released from custody. The majority of these appeared on their court dates.

As a result of the change from the Trump administration, thousands of parents were separated from their children and detainment facilities soon became overcrowded, with inhumane conditions.

But don't ask Ivanka Trump about any of that.

In an interview on CBS's Face the Nation, host Margaret Brennan asked the President's eldest daughter, who is also a mother, about her father's family separation policy.

Watch below.

Ivanka responded:

"Immigration is not part of my portfolio. Obviously, I think everyone should be engaged, and the full force of the U.S. government is committed to this effort of border security, to protecting the most vulnerable. That includes those being trafficked across our border."

People couldn't help but roll their eyes at the evasion.

Others called out Face the Nation for claiming Ivanka was a "vocal" opponent of the policy.

Ivanka was hardly vocal against the family separation policy.

Once her father ended the policy after widespread backlash, she tweeted in support of reuniting families.

Six weeks after the policy was reportedly scrapped, she described it as a "low point."

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