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Trump Just Tried To Credit Ivanka With Creating 'Over 15 Million Jobs' Even Though That's Literally Impossible

President Trump and truthfulness aren't exactly the best of friends.

But every now and then he'll make a claim so outrageous it makes his usual hyperbole feel almost normal.

While speaking to the press on Tuesday, April 7, President Trump claimed his daughter, Ivanka, had created "over 15 million jobs" during his time in office.

Trump was, of course, lying.

Since the President took office, only about 6.5 million jobs have been created in total and it's unclear how many, if any, Ivanka was responsible for.

This isn't even the first time the President has made this bizarre claim. In November of 2019, Trump claimed Ivanka was responsible for creating 14 million jobs.

The internet didn't intend to let Trump get away with his latest exaggeration.

Many online doubted Ivanka's ability to create even a fraction of what President Trump claimed she had.

When Donald Trump makes outrageous claims about his family's accomplishments, it's hard not to be reminded of dictators doing that exact same thing.

It's also worth noting many of those jobs Ivanka "created" have since been lost due to the President's inaction surrounding the global pandemic.

What may be even crazier is that many of Trump's supporters may believe him.

What will Ivanka Trump accomplish next?

Ivanka Trump wouldn't be anywhere near a White House position if her father was not the President, a prime example of corruption that, at this point in the Trump Presidency, most of us simply take for granted.

Even Trump's most generous supporters will admit he'll sometimes bend the truth to make himself look better. But most Americans would likely prefer a President who is able and willing to tell the truth.

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