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'Wheel Of Fortune' Viewers Stunned After Excited Contestant Tries To 'Twerk' On Pat Sajak

Contestant Jamie McMahon Carrillo shocked the game show host with her 'butt bump' celebration after winning the final bonus puzzle.

Jamie McMahon Carrillo and Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune

Just about everyone has seen Wheel of Fortune. That's because the show has been around since 1975. In fact, the show celebrated its 48th anniversary on January 6th.

In that time, show host Pat Sajak has seen many things. He has seen many contestants win and lose. However, on occasion, contestants can still surprise Sajak.

Recently, Jamie McMahon Carrillo got so excited after solving the bonus round puzzle that she attempted to "twerk" right up against Sajak.

Or as Sajak put it:

Did she just butt bump me?

The move, which was more like a vigorous wiggle than an actual twerk, received a lot of attention on Twitter.

Most commenters found the move amusing.

Other comments found the dance move to be less than appropriate.

Some people even suggested her move was Covid-19 related.

It's clear from the video that Sajak wasn't sure what to make of the move, but he handled it well. Out of all of the strange and unusual things that have happened on Wheel of Fortune, this may have been one of the most...entertaining.