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'Wheel Of Fortune' Viewers Cry Foul Over Final Prize Puzzle's Nonsensical Answer

Viewers were left flabbergasted after contestant Laryn Nelson missed the final puzzle, only to learn what the actual answer was.

Screenshot of 'Wheel of Fortune' puzzle board

A puzzle featuring an uncommon expression on Wheel of Fortune sparked fan fury after an enthusiastic contestant failed to solve it.

Laryn Nelson is an elementary school principal from Atlanta who brought her A-game by injecting plenty of humor and charm into the game show enough to entertain the audience, fellow contestants and even the unshakable master of ceremonies, Pat Sajak.

Nelson was very chatty from the start, being vocally supportive of competitors' gameplay and commenting on the puzzle board.

The animated player was also physically expressive after she lost her turn on a missed letter and slammed her fists on the podium.

Her outburst prompted Sajak to remark:

“This is a very valuable set you’re pounding on."

When Nelson commented on another contestant solving a puzzle, Sajak, who was trying to move along with the program, stopped what he was saying and jokingly scolded her.

“I’m talking now, Laryn, it’s my turn. You’re out of control."
"You’re beating our set, you’re yelling at the wheel.”

To which Nelson responded:

“I’m enjoying myself."

Sajak later told the studio audience after the commercial break that he “threatened to send Laryn to the principal’s office, but she’s a principal," which elicited laughter from the crowd.

With $24,250 in winnings, Nelson progressed to the bonus round.

She chose the category “What are you doing?” which featured the controversial three-word puzzle.

With her letters—in addition to the free letters applied—the board looked like so.

Laryn Nelson attempting to guess the bonus round puzzleABC

Nelson struggled with the first word in the phrase and was unable to solve the puzzle in the allotted ten seconds.

The correct answer was "Obtaining my goals."

She commented:

"Oh my goodness. Alright. Alright."
"That’s okay. I’m gonna do that one day though, obtaining my goals.”

Her response provoked Sajak to sarcastically observe:

“There’s really no need for a host on the show. Just let them do it.”

The clip ended with Sajak showing Nelson what she missed out on by not solving the puzzle, which was a brand-new Volkswagen car.

The pain was deep, and Nelson had no problem showing it when she screamed so loud it made Sajak drop the card revealing the prize.

You can see the gameplay here.

However social media users thought the puzzle was unfair given the phrase "obtaining my goals" is not an expression people use every day.

Users gave examples that would have been acceptable for contestants to solve.

They have a point.

Wheel of Fortune is currently in its 41st season, and it will be Sajak's last season as host.