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If HB 481 becomes a law, it will ban abortions for expectant mothers in their sixth week of pregnancy, a benchmark at which most women don't even realize they are pregnant.

GOOD reported that Georgia's "heartbeat bill" moved through the Senate after Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan appointed Senator William Ligon (R-Brunswick) to the committee to ensure its passage.

The heartbeat bill – sponsored by Acworth Republican state Rep. Ed Setzler – states that the detection of an embryo's heartbeat should have jurisdiction over a fetus's "viability outside of the womb."

Many spoke out against the bill, but no response was more unforgiving than Georgia's Democratic Representative Dar'shun Kendrick.

She gave a bold countermeasure that has conservative lawmakers turning their knees inward.

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It can be difficult trying to integrate more than one animal into a house, especially if they happen to be different species. Dog vs. cat is a battle everyone is familiar with at this point, but what other kinds of drama do our pets get up to?

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Cat Scratch Fever sounds like something straight out of fiction (and it has certainly featured in stories before), but it is all too real. Also called Cat Scratch Disease, or Bartonellosis, it is caused by the bacteria Bartonella henselae.

An otherwise healthy 14-year-old young man found out about this infection the hard way.

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An unnamed female student from Wayne County, Pennsylvania, has filed a federal complaint with authorities because a transgender student changed in the same locker room as she did.

She claims the transgender person changing nearby constitutes sexual harassment and a violation of her civil rights.

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Machelle Hackney, 48, the creator of popular YouTube channel "Fantastic Adventures," has been arrested after police, searching her apartment, found extensive evidence that she abused her children.

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The old zodiac signs are so played out—they've been around for hundreds of years, and it's time for something new! Fortunately, Twitter user @g_pratimaaa has come up with a way to determine your new and improved zodiac marker. Simply type "Florida man" and your birthday into Google and whatever comes up represents you at a cosmic level!

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In a glorious time of remakes and reboots, it's good to know that strange things may always be afoot at the Circle-K.

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