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TikToker Reveals The Real Reason Why McDonald's French Fries Taste So Good—And Vegetarians Won't Be Happy

Tiktoker and President of the Fast Food Secrets Club, @Jordan_The_Stallion8, reveals that McDonald's french fries taste different than others' fries because they use beef flavoring mixed into their vegetable oil.

screenshots of TikTok video by @Jordan_The_Stallion8

In fast food culture there's secret menus and secret spots to find special dishes.

And then there's the secrets of the fast-food restaurant's famous fare.

Tiktoker and self-elected President of the Fast Food Secrets Club, @Jordan_The_Stallion8, recently dropped a bombshell on those who were wondering why McDonald's fries taste so good. It''s beef.

Well, beef flavoring, which isn't exactly beef or possibly even made from cows, but that probably won't be great news for vegetarians who had been eating the fries happily.

This does only apply to the USA, though. Canada, Australia and the UK use regular oil for frying.

You can watch the revelation below:


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Reactions to his video poured in as the popular creator's views exploded with this claim.

First were all the people discussing vegetarians, and vegetarians themselves.





Others were concered for another group of people that notably does not eat beef.


Others, less concerned.


Some were trying to fact correct that it was just beef flavoring and not actual beef fat, but they were a minority.


Then there were those who feared for the TikToker, who is known for revealing fast food secrets even when the chains would rather he not do so.




However, some people added the fries still taste delicious.


It's probably just flavoring, but probably good to check on all the ingredients in your food.