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Guy Goes Viral After Berating Neighbor For No Longer Being Able To Steal Their Wi-Fi

An entitled man demanded his neighbor give him the password he added to his Wi-Fi since he's no longer able to use it for free in doorbell cam video that quickly went viral on X, formerly Twitter.

Entitled neighbor wants Wi-Fi password

We've all known someone who came across as super entitled. Maybe it was a family member who hogged the TV remote, a friend who expected others to cover their coffee dates, or an acquaintance who thought they could use someone's work discount shortly after meeting them.

Or how about a neighbor who steals someone else's Wi-Fi without ever offering to cover the expenses?

One man on X (formerly Twitter) had a Wi-Fi plan that worked for him, but he found that his internet speed was slower than he liked. To speed things up, he added a password to prevent outside use of his signal and to increase its performance.

As it turned out, the man's Wi-Fi had been running slower than the speed he was paying for because one of his neighbors was frequently using it.

Absurdly, the man discovered this because his neighbor had the audacity to come up to his front door and start making demands.

The neighbor said:

"I live next door. I've got problems with the Wi-Fi. You've put a password on it."
"I've lived here two years. I've happily used the Wi-Fi, and now I see that you've put a password on it, and I can't use it."
"I'll tell you what, you let me have your password, and that's the end of the problem."

You can watch the full video with the rest of the neighbor's logic here:

Some were left spiraling with frustration from the neighbor's lack of awareness.

Others agreed and couldn't believe how patient the Wi-Fi owner was.

As frustrating as all of this was, some viewers couldn't help but laugh at the man's "logic."

Even though he'd been enjoying the benefits of a Wi-Fi signal near his home, it was obvious that the neighbor didn't really understand how it works and why this was such an offensive demand to make of his neighbor.

While doing some research about how Wi-Fi works, though, the man should definitely review the definition of "entitlement."