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Piers Morgan Ripped To Shreds After Calling Simone Biles 'Pathetic' For Withdrawing From Events

Piers Morgan Ripped To Shreds After Calling Simone Biles 'Pathetic' For Withdrawing From Events
JORAS/GC Images/Getty Images; Jamie Squire/Getty Images

In case you hadn't heard, Simone Biles withdrew from some events at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics this week. While many were supportive of Biles prioritizing her mental health, not everyone has been so kind.

No sooner had the USA Gymnastics team announced Biles withdrawal from the final team event than Piers Morgan condemned the act as covering for simple mistakes.

Morgan shared his thoughts on Twitter and in a column for The Daily Mail.

In the column, Morgan explained his support of Biles being a confident and cocky athlete, but thinks her explanation as to why she stepped away from some Olympic events wasn't good enough.

In response to the portion of Biles' own statement about why she withdrew, saying she wasn't having fun and she feels she's doing too much to please other people, Morgan latched on to a criticism.

He wrote:

"Sorry, WHAT? You're not just at these Games for yourself, Simone."
"You are part of Team USA, representing the United States of America, and hundreds of millions of American people watching back home, not to mention all the sponsors who've paid huge sums to support you."
"And when you quit, you were performing as part of a gymnastics team, not yourself. It's also not supposed to just be about having fun."

Morgan's words were not taken kindly across the internet, who felt the opinion piece had gone too far.

Morgan is an old hand when it comes to criticizing Black women.

He was noted for his mocking and criticisms against Meghan Markle, especially her claims of racism from some members of the royal family. More recently, he made fun of Naomi Osaka when she lit the Tokyo Olympic flame.

Morgan's opinion piece on Biles continued, saying at the World Championships in 2018, she didn't pull out of the competition after falling, the way she did at the Olympics.

Biles decision has the support of the USA Gymnastics team, other athletes who've competed at the top of their game and fans the world over.

She hardly needs a British gossip writer with a bad track record of racism and misogyny to approve.

When she last spoke about Olympic events, Biles said she would take it one day at a time. She withdrew from the team event and the individual all-around event.

There are still four other Olympic artistic gymnastics events she may participate in, though one could hardly blame her if she chooses to withdraw entirely.