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Celebs And Fans Come Out In Full Force To Support Simone Biles After She Withdraws From Olympic Events

Celebs And Fans Come Out In Full Force To Support Simone Biles After She Withdraws From Olympic Events
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Simone Biles made headlines when she announced her intention to withdraw from the gymnastics team final at the Tokyo Olympics.

The USA Gymnastics team later confirmed it was due to a "medical issue."

Biles herself explained her mental health "is not there" to be in the right headspace for competition right now. She announced Wednesday she was also withdrawing from the individual all-around finals.

Many came out in support of the medal winning athlete.

The 24-year-old performed a vault with fewer twists than normal and a big correction earning her the lowest score of the first rotation and one of the lowest of her career.

After her performance, she left the field close to tears. Shortly after came the announcement Biles would not compete in the team final.

Biles explained she bowed out to avoid negatively impacting her teammates.

She said:

"I knew that the girls would do an absolutely great job, and I didn't want to risk the team a medal for my screwups because they've worked way too hard for that so I just decided that those girls need to go and do the rest of the competition."

Biles' departure stunned the world, but despite her physical feats, it's important to remember she is human too. And humans need mental healthcare as well as physical healthcare.

Many turned the gymnast's move into an important statement about the state of mental healthcare.

Biles is the first woman gymnast since 1992 to qualify for all six Olympic finals and is so impressive on the mat she's credited with the invention of the Yurchenko double pike as well as other signature moves. Judges are criticized for possibly underscoring her to prevent other gymnasts from performing her difficult and dangerous moves.

And yet, to some, this is not enough to justify the mental toll Biles takes performing and being in the spotlight.

People like Piers Morgan and Charlie Kirk tried to criticize Biles for her decision, but quickly got shut down.

At the time of writing, it was confirmed Biles would also not be competing in the individual all-around final.

She has said she will decide "one day at a time" about how she plans to handle the remaining events.