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Kevin Sorbo Tried To Blast People Who Live In 'Commiefornia'—And It Turned Into A Self-Own For The Ages

Kevin Sorbo Tried To Blast People Who Live In 'Commiefornia'—And It Turned Into A Self-Own For The Ages
Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Former star of the syndicated 90s fantasy series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Kevin Sorbo has once again tried to drag liberals with more inane Republican rhetoric. As usual, it blew up in his face.

Sorbo—who at this point more famous for being an anti-vaxx, pro-Trump COVID-19 conspiracy theorist than he ever was as an actor—recently took to Twitter to regurgitate the right's favorite insult against the state of California—it's some kind of Communist gulag with palm trees.

Sorbo tweeted he's relieved not to live in "Commiefornia."

There's just one small problem, as several people pointed out in his replies. Sorbo does live in California, and posted the tweet from California, as indicated by the geotag in his own Twitter bio.

Oh Kevin, bless your heart.

Even without the geotag, the tweet would be pretty absurd. Sorbo, of course, wouldn't even be a known quantity without the state of California, the home base of the American entertainment industry that is in part dependent upon the state government's spending.

But acknowledging that wouldn't get him retweets from other Republican conspiracy theorists, of course, and Sorbo's account seems almost dedicated to trolling liberals and amplifying Republican rhetoric with embarrassingly ignorant nonsense.

For example, Sorbo recently posted a mocking tweet about how there are no Democratic Presidents on Mount Rushmore, despite the fact the modern Democratic Party didn't yet exist during Washington's and Jefferson's presidencies and the Republican Party was still the progressive party during Lincoln's and Roosevelt famously ran under a platform of protest against the direction the Republican party was heading.

Sorbo has also used his Twitter account to downplay COVID-19and brag about harassing Starbucks employees over the company's mask policy.

And he has amplified the far-right conspiracy theory the January 6 insurrection was perpetrated by leftist Antifa members in disguise—a claim so ludicrous even his former costar Lucy Lawless publicly raked him over the coals for it.

But Sorbo's "Commiefornia" tweet was a uniquely dumb and easily avoidable self-own.

Twitter had a field day pointing it out to him.

We wish Sorbo luck with his harrowing terror of choosing to live in the totalitarian state of California.