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Kevin Sorbo Gets Blunt History Lesson After Boasting About No Democrats On Mount Rushmore

Kevin Sorbo Gets Blunt History Lesson After Boasting About No Democrats On Mount Rushmore
Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

If you’re familiar with the name Kevin Sorbo, it’s probably because you liked the Hercules TV Show in the 1990s. It’s probably not because you think Sorbo is a master of U.S. history.

Sorbo, now mostly known as a fervent supporter of Donald Trump, tried to make the claim there are no Democratic Presidents on Mount Rushmore, like that meant something.

But the words he said didn’t make much sense.

Sorbo became famous for portraying Hercules, but is known in more recent times for heavy-handed, poorly written Christian movies. He is not known for knowing anything about political history.

Let’s start with the political alignment of the Presidents on Mt. Rushmore.

George Washington didn’t have a political affiliation and warned the country against the very kind of partisan politics that overtook the country almost immediately.

Thomas Jefferson, a member of the Democratic-Republican party (a precursor to both modern major political parties), passed legislation that reduced the amount of time for an immigrant to become a citizen, reduced the size of the country’s military, and invented the progressive tax system.

Teddy Roosevelt wrote an entire speech about his and Abraham Lincoln’s progressive views.

None of these men were technically modern Democrats, sure.

But they would be horrified at the modern Republican party.

On top of all this, Mt. Rushmore isn’t a well-defined honor, like Sorbo thinks it is. It’s not like the faces were chosen by historians picking the most important Presidents.

But then, who would expect a failed actor to know that?

Mount Rushmore National Memorial was built by an American sculptor, who also chose the men to be represented.

The land was also stolen from the Lakota people of the Oceti Sakowin Nation by the United States government. After suing and winning a court case that determined this was the case, the United States was ordered to pay $102 million to the tribe at the time.

The tribe refused the money because the land of Paha Sapa—the Black Hills—is sacred and not for sale., So the money has sat accumulating interest and is now valued at $2 billion today. However, the Lakota will only settle for their rightful land back.

So, Sorbo’s attempts to point out the lack of Presidents from the Democratic Party on a meaningless monument doesn’t really hold water.

He should maybe focus less on bad history takes and more on his acting career.

Internet commenters were quick to ignore Sorbo for Lucy Lawless.

Lawless starred in the spin-off series from Sorbo’s Hercules, Xena: Warrior Princess.

Much like the 90s series, Lawless was quickly preferred to be discussed over Sorbo.

These days, in addition to his Twitter hot-takes, Sorbo gets attention for throwing tantrums in Starbucks far more than his paid acting career.