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Capitol Rioter Sentenced After Wife's Facebook Posts Bragging Of His Involvement Tip Off FBI

Capitol Rioter Sentenced After Wife's Facebook Posts Bragging Of His Involvement Tip Off FBI

There have been many shocking revelations in the weeks and months since the January 6 coup attempt at the Capitol, but among the most surprising is just how many people probably would have gotten away with it if they'd just had the wherewithal to stay off social media.

Case in point: Gary Edwards, a Pennsylvania man who has been sentenced for his involvement in the insurrection after his wife's bragging about it on Facebook tipped off the FBI.

After pleading guilty to a lesser charge as part of a plea deal, Edwards will now be spending the next year in probation.

Because of Facebook.

As part of his plea deal, Edwards was convicted of a charge of demonstrating in the Capitol and will serve one year of probation, 200 hours of community service, and pay a $2500 fine and $500 restitution towards the million-dollar damage to the Capitol itself.

His other charges of disorderly conduct, knowingly entering a restricted building, disruption of official business and violent entry on Capitol Grounds were dismissed..

During his sentencing, Edwards expressed remorse, saying he was "ashamed" of his involvement in the insurrection, which he attended with a group from his church, and didn't fully understand what was happening that day until he and his wife watched video footage from The New York Times.

But that's not at all the picture Edwards' wife Lynn painted at the time. She boasted about Edwards involvement in a lengthy, since-deleted Facebook post that gave details of how he got into the Capitol and what he did once he was inside.

"Okay ladies let me tell you what happened as my husband was there inside the Capitol Rotunda."
"Gary walked around the back of the building and climbed the stairs walking right into the rotunda. He stood there and heard and saw teargas blasts. The police were right next to him as Gary poured water on their eyes."

She went on to say that her husband was there to rectify the non-existent election fraud in the 2020 election.

“These were people who watched their rights being taken away. Their votes stolen from them, their state officials violating the constitutions of their country.”

One of Lynn Edwards' friends screenshotted the post and sent it to the FBI, leading directly to Gary Edwards' conviction. Speaking to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Lynn said she was mystified by the outcome.

“Never in my life could I have dreamed that something I posted on Facebook would be used against my husband, would lead him to be arrested."


On Twitter, there was no shortage of schadenfreude toward Gary and Lynn Edwards.

Gary Edwards remains free on a personal recognizance bond. His wife, who was not at the Capitol, has not been charged with any crimes.