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Anti-Vaxxer Interrupts His Own Rant To Assault A California State Senator On Facebook Live

Anti-Vaxxer Interrupts His Own Rant To Assault A California State Senator On Facebook Live

Kenneth Austin Bennett was walking along a Sacramento, California street on Wednesday while doing a Facebook live event to rail against chemtrails blocking out the sun.

You know, normal stuff for a conspiracy theorist.

But when Bennett spotted a familiar face, things took an even more bizarre turn.

California state Senator Richard Pan, MD, just happened to be walking down the same street. Bennett couldn't resist the opportunity to grill the pediatrician about another of Bennett's areas of expertise: vaccines.

Senator Pan ignored Bennett, which lead to an assault by Bennett against the doctor.

Watch the video here:

Bennett can be heard asking Senator Pan questions displaying the same level of knowledge as his earlier chemtrail rant.

He then told Dr. Pan:

"I'm a constituent. I want to know."

Then Bennett appeared to partially obscure the camera lens and pushed Pan from behind.

Bennett said:

"Yeah, I pushed you. I pushed you. I pushed you. Adios."

After Senator Pan walked away, Bennett told his audience:

"I probably shouldn't have done that."

Ya think?

He later added on Facebook that assault charges were filed.

Austin Bennett/Facebook

Senator Pan requested Facebook take Bennett's video down. The doctor and California state Senator explained:

"Mr. Bennett is not a lone actor, but a person who accepted the violent rhetoric of the anti-vax movement and acted upon it by assaulting me on a public street while live streaming the attack on Facebook."
"Social media companies also need to accept responsibility for giving a platform for this violence and hate."

The video was shared on Twitter by an account that debunks anti-vaxxer claims, TheReal Truther. According to Real Truther, Pan was targeted as the author of California's recent vaccine laws.

The new law allows parents to still refuse to vaccinate their children, however schools and day cares cannot be forced to accept unvaccinated children without a valid medical reason.

In addition, public health care workers will be required to be vaccinated or find work in private companies that allow the non-vaccinated.

People agreed with Bennett on one point: he shouldn't have assaulted Senator Pan.

54 year-old Bennett was charged with misdemeanor assault and released.

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