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Anti-Vaxxer Mom Uses Bible To Defend Why She Won't Vaccinate Her Kids And The Internet Did Not Hold Back

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Once again, the anti-vaxxers are out here making themselves look bad.

Now, before we get into this article we want to make sure to state that there are sometimes very valid reasons for a person not to be vaccinated.

Some people have sensitivities. Vaccine injuries and allergies are real.

Having said that, those people who truly cannot be vaccinated depend on the rest of us getting vaccinated for their safety and protection. If you can't get vaccinated against polio, it's helpful when everyone else does because that means there's nobody around to give you polio.

Allergies and sensitivities are valid reasons not to be vaccinated. Lack of availability is a valid reason not to be vaccinated.

Know what's not a valid reason?

Because the Bible didn't mention vaccines. The Bible also didn't mention that "I want to speak to your manager" haircut ... yet here you are in all your glory, Karen.

No offense to all you non-Karen Karens out there.

Your struggle must be so real lately.


So the newest "Karen" to pop up on the internet is a woman named Brittany Kara. She is a "mother, nutrition expert, hypnotherapist and certified master communicator."

She is also an anti-vaxxer.

Recently she released a video on Facebook claiming that she is positive vaccines are bad.

How does she know?

Well... because she has discovered "an incredible fact." Vaccines aren't mentioned in the Bible!

No, we aren't kidding. She posted a short clip about her beliefs - and was immediately roasted to oblivion.

Her video has been spliced in with some commentary and that spliced video was shared all over the place. It's racked up literally tens of thousands of comments.

We're going to share it with you, but first we wanted to gift you with her exact quote on the biblical vaccine matter.

"I just decided to just Google what the Bible says about vaccination. There's nothing in the Bible that talks about vaccines. So I just want you guys to think about that."
"So if God knew in the future that he was going to help create these amazing things that were going to just change our health and be the best scientific advancement that's just 'oh my gosh they're so great!' Like... why isn't there anything, any inkling, of talk about these things called vaccinations coming into being later to save people?"
"If that was really God's plan and they're so amazing then why isn't it in there at all? Maybe there's a chapter where they talk about this injection - like this health injection - right?"
"Like why didn't God talk about that if he knew it was going to come and save the world? I really believe that believing in vaccines is a mental disorder."



The fair citizens of the internet decided to respond to Ms. Kara with this edit of her video:

So... we're not going to bother with biblical history and how the Bible was written by men and edited and put together by men at the Council of Nicaea specifically seeking to maintain power.

Or how English King James changed it further to push his personal agenda in the middle ages.

We're not saying the message of the Bible is terrible - we're saying keep in mind this may have been inspired by the divine but was completely, factually and inarguably edited by men. Don't even bother in the comments - they teach it in seminary school, it's one of the first things you need to learn in order to become a minister.

We're not going to touch on all the other awesome stuff that exists but isn't mentioned in the Bible. The video did that for us.

What we ARE going to do is share the power and the glory of the absolute roasting she got in the comments section.

Amen, y'all.

The Real Truther/Facebook

The Real Truther/Facebook

The Real Truther/Facebook

Nice try, Karen.

But no.


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