The rules of not getting dragged are really simple.

If you don't wanna get dragged, don't say something so privileged that it shines a spotlight on you. Unfortunately, Dominique Samuels chose not to heed this advice at all.

Ms. Samuels released a Twitter thread that was rife with complete and total tone-deafness:

After claiming to have received a number of messages instilling a vote of confidence from people who are both gay and conservative, Ms. Samuels began receiving her fair share of dragging, because, well, she isn't somehow oppressed for being conservative.

Conservatives have always had clear representation worldwide, especially in UK Parliament, where they have always made up at leas 25% of the seats.

Meanwhile, the membership of UK Parliament filled by LGBT people is at just around 7%.

With a general election approaching rapidly in the UK, the hold of the conservative party is more and more in jeopardy.

In fact, according to YouGov stats, conservative voters make up less than 30% of millennial voters in the UK.

And rightfully so, considering the mess the Tories have made of the UK's role in #Brexit, which is now close to two years overdue.

Think next time before you type, Ms. Samuels.

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