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'Jeopardy!' Contestant Makes Bizarre 'Human Pyramid' Request—And Ken Jennings Delivers Big Time

Contestant Emily Seaman Hoy mentioned her tradition of forming a human pyramid in front of famous landmarks, and the 'Jeopardy!' stage was next on her list.

Split screenshots of Ken Jennings (L) and contestant Emily Seaman Hoy (R)

During Monday’s episode of Jeopardy!, a contestant named Emily Seaman Hoy from Houston had an unusual request for the show's legendary host, Ken Jennings.

In a heartwarming moment captured on video, Hoy revealed her penchant for forming human pyramids with her husband and brother at famous landmarks during her travels, including the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

Watch below:

With a hint of excitement in her voice, Hoy shared her dream with Jennings, saying:

"Our next big goal is to get a pyramid on the Jeopardy! stage with the host of Jeopardy!“

Jennings, known for his quick wit and intellect, responded in a somewhat cryptic manner:

"We have never done a human pyramid here, and I don't think I've ever been in one, so we'll have to talk after the show."

At first glance, it may have appeared to be a polite deflection, but Ken Jennings was not one to shy away from a challenge.

True to his word, the show later shared snapshots of Emily Seaman Hoy and her fellow contestants forming a human pyramid right on the Jeopardy! set.

In a delightful twist, Ken Jennings himself enthusiastically joined in, bringing the contestant's dream to fruition.

The internet is smitten with Ken Jennings’s willingness to make the contestant’s dream come true.

In the end, while Emily Seaman Hoy may not have won the game, she certainly enjoyed an unforgettable and heartwarming moment on the iconic Jeopardy! stage.

The episode was ultimately won by Dane Reighard, a writer and editor from Los Angeles.