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Did Your Toddler Lock Your iPad For 48 Years—There's Actually An Easy Fix For That

In our technological age, most parents of toddlers have experienced a similar frustration at least once. When a toddler gets their hands on a locked iPad, they try to unlock it. Then they try again. Then they try again.

Cut to an hour later, when the parent catches the toddler with the technology.

Because of Apple's security system, additional attempts to unlock the device past a certain number result in the tech being disabled for increasing measurements of time. Twitter user @eosnos took to Twitter for some advice about his iPad which is now disabled for the next 25 million+ minutes.

And Evan wasn't the only person with this problem.

Many people believed the problem was with the child rather than the iPad.

Evan received some good advice and some...not so good advice.

But, fortunately, several good-hearted Twitter users told him how to fix the problem.

The solution involved restoring the iPad to a previous backed-up state.

Restoring the device may seem inconvenient, but it's definitely better than waiting 25,536,442 minutes.

Other suggestions fell a bit short of useful.

Evan returned to Twitter later to thank everyone for their help! Everything turned out great.

Remember, parents: trust is an important part of a child's development. Maybe you should just give them the iPad password.