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8-Year-Old Boy's Hilarious iPad Search History Is Honestly The Gift That Keeps On Giving

@ashleighjwil (Twitter)

Someone's search history can reveal a lot about them––a lot of hilarious things, we should clarify.

Twitter user Ashleigh Wilson shared what happened once her father decided to take a look at the iPad history for her 8-year-old brother's searches.

He's searching for the things a typical eight-year-old is searching for. Things like "lucid dreaming." And "celebrity deaths." (Wait, what?) Oh, and "Fortnite," which has somehow captivated an entire generation. "Arson" makes an appearance, too. (Huh?!)

The pièce de résistance, however, was the moment father and daughter discovered that the boy had searched "bbq sauce on titties."

Don't worry, that's not pornographic or anything. It's actually a popular Vine video...

So I'm sitting there, barbecue sauce on my titties

...which is itself a reference to a great scene from the first season of Orange is the New Black. (That's Season 1, Episode 5, for all of you die hard fans.)


People had some interesting reactions, like these two getting all shifty-eyed about that "arson" search:

They also love his taste in music:

And let's be honest, the "bbq sauce on titties" bit isn't even the strangest thing the kid searched for:

Other people's kids have searched for more NSFW things, actually:

Yes, this kid's search history is rather innocent by comparison:

This is probably the best take, actually:

But we can't say we didn't enjoy the ride!

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