'Embarrassed' Paul Ryan Urges Fox News To Dump Trump Now That He Has More 'Power' As Fox Board Member

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Paul Ryan is reportedly trying to convince Fox News that they should cut ties with President Trump in light of the Ukraine scandal that has led to an official impeachment inquiry of the President.

According to a Vanity Fair report about the chaos at Fox News that has been evident both in front of the cameras as well as reportedly behind closed doors, Ryan, who joined the Fox News board in March after quitting Congress, has been vocal to Fox Corp CEO Lachlan Murdoch about dumping Trump.

A Fox News executive told Vanity Fair reporter Gabriel Sherman:

"Paul is embarrassed about Trump and now he has the power to do something about it."

It's an interesting sentiment considering that Ryan served as Speaker of the House in both 2017 and 2018, and yet declined to do anything about it then.


Ryan has also only been vocally critical about the President since quitting Congress in 2018, telling Politico correspondent Tim Alberta that he felt the need to keep things cordial with Trump while in office.

"I told myself I gotta have a relationship with this guy to help him get his mind right," he said. "Because, I'm telling you, he didn't know anything about government...I wanted to scold him all the time."

Ryan, who was reportedly appalled by the 2005 Access Hollywood tape, said of Trump's behavior:

"We've gotten so numbed by it all. Not in government, but where we live our lives, we have a responsibility to try and rebuild. Don't call a woman a 'horse face.' Don't cheat on your wife. Don't cheat on anything. Be a good person. Set a good example."


The irony of Ryan's latest sentiments wasn't lost on people as the story broke.

It just makes this old internet gem all the more fitting.


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