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The Most Bizarre Coincidences People Have Experienced

"Reddit user antedonanograr04 asked: 'What's the most bizarre coincidence you've ever personally experienced?'"

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Life is unpredictable, and it makes no sense.

That's why it's so fun.

And who doesn't love a good coincidence?

Redditor antedonanograr04 wanted to hear about the times we've all been shook by a little déjà vu, so they asked:

"What's the most bizarre coincidence you've ever personally experienced?"


"I was traveling with my family in Switzerland and we met this family from Quebec with kids the same age as my sister and I. We spent our vacation with these kids and then moved on. About 4 years later we were traveling again, this time in Beijing of all places, when we ran into the same family!"

- ThymeLordess

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Wow Coincidence!

"Living in DC, a work friend started dating a woman. He invited me to her birthday party, which was the same birthday as mine. I showed up and we found out we were born the same year. Wow, coincidence! Then I said 'But you weren’t born in town in Massachusetts,' she laughed and said 'Haha, very funny! He told you that?' Yep, she was born in the same hospital on the same day, and delivered by the same doctor. (We called our mothers).

- Bigfops

Small towns

"It was my uncle lived on the East Coast but had to travel for work back to Missouri, where he lived as a young child but had left 50+ years before. He flipped on the TV in his hotel room only to see footage of himself, his siblings, and his mother in his childhood hometown, a tiny town."

"It turned out that one of the citizens had a movie camera and took a lot of films during the 1930s-40s, which decades later got made into a project for the local PBS station. It was just bizarre to me that none of us would have known anything about it since it was not aired nationwide, and my uncle just happened to be in the same state and turned on the TV right before it showed the part with him in it!"

- MrsTurtlebones

Company A

"Started a job at company A. Returned to my old company B to train their new hire for a day. It turned out he was the person I replaced at company A."

"And here’s another bizarre coincidence: A new woman had started as a receptionist at company B while I was there. One day, she wouldn’t come out of the bathroom bc her soon-to-be ex was trying to serve her divorce papers."

"Fast-forward to my time at Company A: met a pregnant woman who was furious with her boyfriend bc she found a letter he’d written to his ex-wife begging her to take him back. Guess who his ex-wife was? Bathroom lady at company B!!!!"

- Novel-Coast-957

When in Paris...

"Ran into my childhood best friend in a tiny cafe in Paris, neither of us living in France or knowing the other was traveling. We hadn't spoken in 10+ years since moving to different countries. It was like the universe decided it was time for a reunion. 🌍☕️✨ Talk about a small world!"

- antedonanograr04


"I was adopted at birth, found my bio family at age 17 or so."

"During a conversation with my younger brother some years later, we discovered that we had gone to the same school for about a year. During that same conversation, we showed each other photos of us when we were younger, and it turns out I was his reading buddy, as in an older student that comes to read with younger kids once a week."

- Pi**BoiFeetPix

The Box

"Once I sold a box of action figures/collectibles to a local store, which then sold the whole box to his buddy who does yard sale/flea markets. Years later, my mother was a yard sale and saw a box of collectibles she thought I’d like to have for my eBay store. Well, it was the same box I had sold years earlier, even still had a tag with my name on the cardboard that she didn’t notice ‘till I pointed it out!"

- GregaciousTien


"When I was a kid, there was a family of jerks that lived a couple blocks away from us. The parents were aholes, and all the kids were the local tattletales at our school."

"One day, my brother Jack decided he was gonna go egg their house. So, he goes and buys a dozen eggs and sneaks up the alley to their house. He unloads the eggs all over the rear of the house, including the big picture window in the center. Then he hid by the alley to see what would happen. Soon, a crowd formed at the window, obviously upset. After a minute, everybody turns around and leaves the room at once."

"Jack ran halfway home and hid in a large clump of bushes in case to cops came by. As he’s sitting in the bushes, he sees our next-door neighbor Timmy running down the sidewalk towards home. Jack calls him over, and they both hide in the bushes. It turns out that Timmy had chosen that exact same time to egg the jerks’ house, except he did it from the front. When Jack had seen everybody abruptly leave the rear window, it was because Timmy had started egging the front windows."

"Neither had mentioned to the other they were gonna do it; they both just decided that exact day and time to do the exact same prank on the same house."

- JetScreamerBaby


"Grad night in high school. All of the schools in the district were locked into six flags. my best friend and I were together just riding everything two or three times and having a blast. we went on a roller coaster that took our picture."

"After running down to see our picture, I found mine... but my friend wasn't sitting next to me... it was weird, but then I looked and saw us in a different picture sitting together. I was having a huge WTF moment when I looked to my left and saw a dude that looked EXACTLY LIKE ME, same hair, glasses, jacket, everything... he was maybe an inch or two shorter, though."

"He looked so much like me that my best friend all through high school just walked up to him and started talking. I finally had to call him and say, 'Vic, I'm over here.' He did a double take and said 'HOLY S**T DUDE!' and I had to agree."

"They say everyone has a doppelganger, it is just so surreal to meet yours. at the same grad night, at the same theme park, with the same glasses, the same hairstyle, and the same sports coat."

- boredsquid46

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We Never Met

"A few years back I got into a bad accident during a winter storm like 45 minutes away from my house. The responding officer who let me sit in his car while I was waiting for my ride looked at my license and said 'Do you have a big white dog?' I was shaken up and now confused because wtf how did he know?? We had never met. Turns out he was my neighbor on the street behind me. My dog used to escape the yard and go visit his dog. I had only ever spoken with his wife."

- HereF0rTheSnacks


"I am a dog groomer, and when I first started grooming, I had a very sweet old lady with an equally spoiled old Yorkie that had hair to the floor become my first request dog. I did that dog for over a year weekly until her owner passed away, and the daughter inherited the dog. I groomed Mitzi one last time for the daughter, who informed me she was unable to keep up with the long hair, and I very reluctantly gave her a short all-over trim. After this, both myself and the daughter moved away. Time passed."

"I got a new job about 8 years later in a city 45 minutes away and one day a new client made an appt for a 19-year-old Yorkie named Mitzi. She took one look at me a gasped my name in shock. She remembered me after all those years one time. And we randomly ended up in the same city again and even more fantastic, Mitzi was actually still alive. She was my requested client again until she passed at 20 years of age. 🙂"

- merlinshairyba**s

When in Paris

"I sat next to an American couple on a trip to Paris and chatted with them for a bit. I never asked where they were from but bumped into them 10 years later at the auto show. Risking them thinking I was crazy, I told them we met during the trip. They couldn’t remember at all but confirmed they were there on the same dates."

- sesamesnapsinhalf

Hey Pat!

"I’ve been married 3 times. Each time my mother-in-law was named Patricia Ann - which is NOT a common name here in the south."

- katiebugbeachlane

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"My car remote unlocked a car that looked enough like mine that I got in, wondering why the seat was suddenly so close to the steering wheel."

"I looked into it, and it's about a 1 in 4,000,000 chance."

"Bought a lottery ticket that day. Didn't win."

- not_suddenly_satire

Shirt Issues

"One time I met a guy who had donated a bunch of his shirts from his childhood to an African relief charity., A few years later, he went to Africa to do charity work and saw a kid wearing a rec basketball jersey from his hometown with his number. Asked the kid if he could see the shirt, checked the tag, and saw his name written there. Absolutely nuts."

- Commander_Doom14

Life is a series of random events.

This just proves it. We're all connected.

Is it a lottery?

Is it fate?

Is it God?

Who knows.

No matter the answer, it's still bizarre.