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Former Miss France Hilariously Reacts After Video Of Her Bizarre Scream From 2018 Pageant Goes Viral

Eva Colas' scream from the 2018 Miss Universe pageant has recently taken over TikTok.

Eva Colas

Sometimes the internet brings back embarrassing moments from your past. If you're lucky, it's just your Facebook memories.

If you're Eva Colas, a former Miss Universe contestant from France, it's all over Twitter and TikTok and has gone viral.

Colas owns an eco-friendly swimwear company, but she is currently more well-known on TikTok for a less desirable accomplishment, namely her abnormally harsh delivery of the word "France."

You can see the moment here:


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The video comes out of a popular scene from the 2018 pageant, in which each participant named the nation they represent.

The video, shows a number of beauty queens cheering and yelling out their nations in generally subdued voices until Eva Colas enters and essentially screams, "Fraaance!"

Colas recently responded to her unwanted fame with a sly Instagram video.

Sometimes your worst fears for a performance do come true.

People reacted to her post on Instagram with the laughter it was meant to evoke.




Some expressed sympathy for her situation on stage.


Many people thanked her for the laughs—one for the original video and one for her reply.




Many people replied the video going viral probably made her significantly more famous than she would have been otherwise.




Perhaps she wanted to be remembered for something else, but this will probably follow her for awhile.