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Mom In Tears After Realizing Woman Who Took Photo With Daughter Is Original Ariel Jodi Benson

TikToker @jaylabrenae5 was stunned after the 'Little Mermaid' voice actress wanted a picture with her young daughter.

Screenshots from TikTok

A mom on TikTok was reduced to tears after realizing one of her lifelong dreams—to meet her childhood hero.

As part of her work as an influencer, TikToker Jaylabrenae, known as @jaylabrenae5 on the app, got to attend to the star-studded premiere of the new live-action remake of the Disney classic The Little Mermaid. Along with her, she brought her adorable plus-one, her toddler daughter.

During one of the many events they attended, Jaylabrenae and her little girl were approached by a woman who wanted a photo with them. It turned out to be none other than the original Little Mermaid herself, voice actress Jodi Benson.

And Jaylabrenae absolutely lost it in the most moving way possible.

See the big moment below.


I LITERALLY CANNOT STILL I AM CRYING ALL OVER AGAIN💕🌊 #thelittlemermaid #jodibenson #littlemermaid #ariel #disney #dreamcometrue #emotional

Benson originated the role of Ariel in the Disney animated 1989 version of The Little Mermaid.

The new live-action version features actress Halle Bailey in the role, who herself has said that Benson was among her biggest inspirations while making the film.

Suffice to say, she's an inspiration to Jaylabrenae as well--she couldn't help but burst into tears when she realized it was Benson who wanted a photo of her and her little girl. In her TikTok's caption, she wrote that she "literally cannot" and was "crying all over again."

Meeting Benson was only one part of Jaylabrenae and her daughter's trip to the premiere, which was sponsored by hydration company Liquid I.V. As she showed in another video, she and her daughter got to walk the "blue carpet" and attend all kinds of celebrations kicking off the film, which debuts in theaters on May 26.


While Ariel's legs were made for dancing, ours are made to walk the blue carpet thanks to @liquidiv! What an unforgettable experience to see Disney's #TheLittleMermaid at their World Premiere! All props to Liquid I.V. to keeping everyone hydrated with their mocktails made with their Hydration Multiplier that tasted AMAZINGGG! This movie is an absolute must see and Liquid I.V. is a must buy! Bring it with you to the theater May 26th! 💙🧜🏾‍♀️

But meeting Benson and Bailey was definitely among the highlights, as Jaylabrenae shared in another TikTok follow-up.


Replying to @jrenee5964 i think this cry is valid🥹 in all seriousness I am truly grateful for these once in a lifetime experiences. We are so blessed and im forever thankful for this life #whyIcried #whyicriedtoday #thelittlemermaid

In the video, she tearfully shared:

"My daughter got to walk the blue carpet today at two years old. Halle Bailey waved at her... I understand how blessed I am and I would never, ever take it for granted."

People on TikTok were definitely feeling for Jaylabrenae and her daughter.

They were deeply moved by their Little Mermaid experience.










Even Halle Bailey herself was in tears over Jaylabrenae's big moment.


The Little Mermaid opens May 26.

While we can't promise your experience will be as amazing as Jaylabrenae and her daughter's, it's shaping up to be one heck of a blockbuster.