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Teen's Boyfriend Accuses Her Of 'Deceiving' Him After He Finds Out She's Been Straightening Her Naturally Curly Hair

Teen's Boyfriend Accuses Her Of 'Deceiving' Him After He Finds Out She's Been Straightening Her Naturally Curly Hair
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What is the line of deception?

If somebody wears a lot of makeup or hair extensions or straightens their hair, are they deceiving you by hiding their "real" looks?

Tossthelotaway went on the popular subReddit "Am I The A**hole?" or "AITA" to discern whether or not she was in the wrong regarding an argument with her boyfriend about straightening her hair and "deception."

"AITA for getting mad at my boyfriend when he told me I deceived him by straightening my hair?"

She began explaining the state of her hair:

"Some context: My and my bf are in high school and the girls he's dated before me have straight hair, I've had curly hair my whole life and take after my mom, but she always straightens hers and once I got to 9th grade I used to always straighten mine too because I never really knew how to handle it."
"A couple months ago though I decided to just let it be natural. I wash/comb it thoroughly it every 3 days, but sometimes it can still get messy and frizzy."

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And then came the misunderstanding with her boyfriend:

"The issue is that I started dating my bf 6 months ago and he never knew that my hair was naturally curly, so once I stopped straightening it he was surprised and asked why I never told him."

And then came the accusation:

"Now when we're video calling he sometimes makes jokes about it being frizzy and 'oh is there a bird hiding in it' Eventually I got annoyed and told him to stop. He complained that I deceived him by straightening my hair and not telling him it was actually curly."

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Understandably, our Original Poster (OP) got annoyed:

"I got really mad and told him he was being ridiculous. AITA?"

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Redditors came to share their thoughts about her situation.

They decided where blame belonged by declaring:

  • NTA - Not The A**hole
  • YTA - You're The A**hole
  • ESH - Everyone Sucks Here
  • NAH - No A**holes Here
"NTA. Tell him he deceived you by not telling you he was an idiot."~cleveraccountname13
"NTA. The real world is going to hit him hard when he finds out about hair dyes, lipstick, and eyeshadow."~WineAndDogs2020

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"Ugh. NTA. I'm so over men thinking women wearing makeup and styling/coloring our hair is somehow "tricking them." Your body is not meant to check all of the boxes he desires in a girl."
"Your body is not an advertisement for him. And it shouldn't matter what your natural hair texture is, because he's supposed to like you for you."~here-for-thestories

Redditors felt so strongly against the boyfriend, that they roasted him mercilessly.

"NTA Object permanence is something babies don't get for a while so a drastic change in appearance, like straight to really curly hair, can make a person unrecognizable to them."~HolisticHiatus
"NTA You can do whatever you want with your hair, and if it matters that much to him then he isn't worth it, honestly. I've had insecurities about my curly hair my whole life and people like that made me feel afraid to accept my natural self. Don't let him harm your self-worth."~xjlb1273

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"NTA. He seems like the type of guy who gets angry when he founds out his favorite Instagram booty account edits her photos."~Borbin_the_Beaver
"NTA- If this kid is in high school and doesn't know that girls style their hair in ways that aren't completely natural, he's a moron. Find a new boyfriend that at least has two brain cells to rub together."~Hunt3r8806


Redditors agreed that not only was OP's boyfriend being ridiculous, but that it was ridiculous to a harmful level.

People aren't lying when they do new things with their hair.

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