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Fox News Reporter Chased Off By Mob Of Angry White House Protesters After They Found Out Who He Was

Protests continued in Washington D.C. on Sunday, May 30 where President Donald Trump was rushed to an underground bunker due to the proximity of potential rioters.

A Fox News reporter, Leland Vittert, was forced to retreat after a crowd discovered what network he worked for.

Vittert was live on the air when protestors began harassing him.

You can watch the clip here:

Vittert was on Fox News shortly thereafter describing the protestors in pretty frightening terms.

Fox News reporter attacked by protesters: A mob targeted us

Meanwhile, others online were less than sympathetic towards Vittert.

Many were openly glad that Fox News was facing consequences for helping cultivate our divided culture.

Others took issue with the "reporting" Vittert was doing.

It basically amounted to "gotcha" journalism directed at the protestors.

How on earth did Vittert think he was helping in that moment?

Vittert wasn't the only reporter from an inflammatory, conservative media outlet who was treated harshly by the crowd.

Though violence is never the answer, Fox News has also hopefully learned their opinions aren't welcome among the protestors who have been directly harmed by their "reporting."