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Fox News Host Slammed For Saying People Should 'Have Some Courage' And Go Out To Deliberately Get The Virus

Fox News host Pete Hegseth has some great advice for people who care more about opening restaurants than staying alive.

Appearing from the safety of his own home, Hegseth told viewers:

"Now that we are learning more, herd immunity is our friend. Healthy people getting out there—they are going to have to have some courage!"

Twitter was a little less than inspired by Hegseth's call for others to go out and die.

It seemed like there were more than a couple reasons to ignore Hegseth's advice.

What Hegseth fails to mention is that the process of a population developing herd immunity would involve millions of avoidable deaths.

To so many people, it seems the health of the stock market is more important than real people's lives.

If Hegseth is so eager for Americans to risk their lives and the lives of their families, he should probably set an example.

It's more important than ever to listen to the advice of medical professionals rather than political media personalities.

Surely many will be eager to die now that Pete Hegseth has asked them too!

No matter what various Fox News hosts advise, Americans would probably do best to follow the guidelines of the CDC and keep themselves safe.

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