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Fox News Doctor Bluntly Shuts Down 'Fox & Friends' Host For Questioning Why Governors Need To Issue Stay-At-Home Orders

Fox News

Fox & Friends is a morning talk show aired on the Fox News network.

But while most people don't go to Good Morning America or the Today Show as their primary news source, Fox News viewers do see their network's morning chat show as actual news content.

But the information Fox & Friends provides is often cited for inaccuracies. It's host are often cited for their lack of knowledge.

Now with the public health crisis facing not just the United States but the entire world, accurate, scientifically backed information is critical.

Ignorance kills during a pandemic.

Which is why Dr. Nicole Saphier didn't hesitate to correct Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade when his ignorance of the facts lead him to pass on inaccurate information.

You can see the interaction here.

Many Republican governors are facing backlash for refusing to issue stay at home orders. Many of those GOP governors who have issued orders, undermined their effectiveness by allowing exemptions for large gatherings that experts say are nonessential.

Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade backed the decision of one of those governors, Alabama's Kay Ivey. Kilmeade claimed stay at home orders should only be employed when states were at crisis levels.

Saphier corrected him.

Stay at home measures are employed to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed. If they aren't used until after hospitals are in crisis, they're not serving their purpose.

People appreciated Saphier's expertise while also pointing out the flaws in Kilmeade's logic.

While GOP governors—and the couch cadre on Fox & Friends—may not learn anything, perhaps viewers can learn a lesson.

Medical advice and scientific information should come from people who believe in and understand both.

As Schoolhouse Rock taught us decades ago, knowledge is power.

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