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Fox News Host Leaves People Scratching Their Heads After Saying John Lennon 'Wouldn't Be Safe' In New York City Right Now


During a recent episode of Fox & Friends, Brian Kilmeade had many viewers a little bit confused over his belief that John Lennon "wouldn't be safe" in New York right now.

Kilmeade's comment was inspired by a recent speech by Bill de Blasio.

In the speech, de Blasio also evoked John Lennon's memory in a slightly strange way.

De Blasio's comment received some backlash online.

But when Fox & Friends got ahold of the quote, Kilmeade decided he also had something to say.

Many were perplexed by Kilmeade's "burn."

John Lennon was assassinated in New York but it had nothing to do with protests.

Imagine a world where John Lennon wasn't on the side of protestors.

Lennon supported many protests during his lifetime, including the civil rights movement of his era.

Even when commenting on a gaffe, it seems Kilmeade has a hard time avoiding his own.

Hopefully Kilmeade gets a chance to brush up on his history before his next live broadcast.