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Watch 'Fox & Friends' Hosts Do Everything In Their Power Not To Say 'Server' When Talking About Trump's Codeword-Secured White House Server

Fox News

A clip from Fox & Friends is making the rounds after the hosts went to extraordinary lengths to avoid referring to President Trump's use of a server as a "server."

Following a formal whistleblower complaint last week, the Trump White House admitted to moving the rough transcript of a July 25 call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky from the usual White House system to a special, "top secret" White House server, despite Trump's claims that the call was completely above board.

While it's not unusual for codeword-sensitive servers to be used to store highly classified information, the fact that Trump and Fox News have continued to criticize Hillary Clinton for using a private server when she was secretary of state has posed a problem for Fox News as they've covered the Ukraine scandal.

So in order to talk about it on Fox & Friends on Monday, hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade did a lot of verbal gymnastics to describe the server, referring to it as a "super-secret separate computer" and a "super-secret gizmo computer."

The Daily Show mocked the hosts by turning the clip into a mock Password game show clue.

Many found the irony of the situation laughable.

Then again, maybe that's the only kind of language Fox News' audience understands when it comes to computers.




"Super secret gizmo computer" does have a nice ring to it, though.



But, honestly, are we really surprised?

It's Fox News after all.



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