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Fox News Analyst Brit Hume Got A Hilarious Lesson On Why You Should Close Your Tabs When Taking A Screenshot Of Your Internet Browser

Fox News analyst Brit Hume had something very interesting he wanted his followers to see at 5:30 AM on Tuesday, March 3.

Eager to show the world the betting odds in the 2020 presidential primary open on his computer, he quickly took a screenshot and tweeted it out.

Unfortunately, he had left a couple tabs open that seemed a bit more...interesting to Twitter.


Once they saw it, people couldn't look away...

Now we all know about Brit Hume's love of Sexy Vixens.

Twitter quickly turned the mishap into a meme that will live forever.

A few people thought 5:30 AM was a weird moment to watch saucy videos.

Brit Hume has his priorities straight.

But maybe the sexy vixens weren't even the weirdest thing about Hume's tabs?

Brit Hume has hopefully learned his lesson: ALWAYS crop your screenshots before sending.

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