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Trump Is Getting Dragged After Complaining That Fox News Is 'Doing Nothing' To Help Get Him Reelected

Alex Wong/Getty Images

An oft-repeated criticism from President Donald Trump is that the "fake news media" is out to get him by accurately reporting his actions and questioning his statements.

He claims that the media works on behalf of the Democratic party.

Yet in a recent Twitter tirade against the conservative network Fox News, Trump said the quiet part out loud. That propaganda partisanship is only permissible if it benefits him.

He criticized Fox News for not doing enough to get him reelected.

He proceeded to list a litany of Fox employees he believes aren't loyal enough.

The tweets came after Fox News host Neil Cavuto warned that hydroxychloroquine—an anti-malarial drug frequently lauded by Trump as a potential cure for the virus—was potentially deadly and "would kill you."

Trump's own Federal Drug Administration warns that hydroxychloroquine should only be taken in a hospital setting under the supervision of a physician.

Trump's tirade against Fox News for not being biased enough quickly backfired.

The President's reaction also illustrated just how sensitive he is to the slightest bit of criticism.

After all, Fox News is anything but anti-Trump.

It's long been obvious that Fox News seeks to help more Republicans win elections, but it's new to hear the President openly admit it.

For a deeper look into Fox News's alliance with the Republican party, check out Foxocracy, available here.