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Rudy Giuliani Spouts Conspiracy Theories On Fox News About Bidens, Clintons, And Obamas Hours After Being Issued Subpoena

Rudy Giuliani Spouts Conspiracy Theories On Fox News About Bidens, Clintons, And Obamas Hours After Being Issued Subpoena
Fox News

Gird your loins: Rudy Giuliani is on television again.

As President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Giuliani has been making the rounds on major news networks in attempts to defend the President against impending impeachment for urging foreign leaders, like Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, to investigate his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden.

If you think using the power of the presidency for one's personal gain is corrupt, you're among the majority of Americans. What do Trump and his sycophants do when neither facts or public opinion are on their side?

Deflect, deflect, deflect.

That's just what Giuliani did in a recent interview with Fox News' far-right host Sean Hannity. The man formerly known as America's Mayor deflected attention to baseless conspiracy theories involving Biden, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and—of course—former President Barack Obama.


Giuliani condemned the decision by House committees overseeing Trump's impeachment inquiry to issue subpoenas to various State Department officials and Giuliani himself.

Watch below.

Giuliani, who by his own admission asked Ukrainian officials to investigate Biden on behalf of the State Department, claimed that Biden, Clinton and Obama were working with Ukraine to hurt the Trump campaign in January of 2017...months after Donald Trump's election and Clinton's concession.

Giuliani said:

"There is substantial evidence...including a finding by the Ukrainian court that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats cooperated directly with Ukrainians with an order coming directly from the White House in January of 2017 to dig up dirt on her political opponent, and they did."

Giuliani didn't specify what that "dirt" was, but many conspiracy theorists—and apparently Donald Trump himself—believe that Ukrainians were actually behind the hack of Democratic National Committee emails during 2016 in an effort to frame Russia for meddling in the United States election.

It is unanimous among the intelligence community that Russia was behind the hacking of the 2016 election.


Of course, if Trump could find an excuse to vindicate Russia, he could eternally remove the asterisk from his presidency and remove all doubt of its legitimacy. He could even lift the retaliatory sanctions on Russia, which would certainly please Russian President Vladimir Putin.

But as far-right mouthpiece Ben Shapiro says:

"Facts don't care about your feelings."

Giuliani is currently figuring out how to proceed after being subpoenaed by the House Intelligence, Oversight and Foreign Affairs Committees for documents pertaining to his dealings with the Ukraine and the State Department's role in them.

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