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Guy Dumps His Girlfriend For Ordering Him Too Many Chicken McNuggets From McDonald's During Quarantine

Guy Dumps His Girlfriend For Ordering Him Too Many Chicken McNuggets From McDonald's During Quarantine

A woman's hungover boyfriend initially asked for 60 Chicken McNuggets from McDonald's as a joke.

But when she literally delivered on that promise, he broke up with her in a text.

With many fans of the beloved fried poultry products out there, Redditors suspected there was a lot more going on. Because no one breaks up over Chicken McNuggets.

The girlfriend, Redditor "Airin_head," shared how she became single on the TIFU (Today I F'd Up) subReddit.

"This happened just today. I (36f) was in bed this morning with my (34m) bf after a long night of partying."
"For context, I do not live with him and I was leaving to go fetch my kids from their dad who lives a 2 hr drive away)."

Some people just don't deal well with hangovers.

"Now, BF is absolutely terrible the morning after. A grumpy pisspot of misery if ever you've seen one. He just can't handle hangovers."

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But the boyfriend was coherent enough to request a very specific order for nourishment.

"So he starts whining that he's hungry and I offer to order some skip the dishes for him. What does he want? He wants McDonalds. But he wants nuggets. And it's 10 am, no nuggets yet."
"He jokingly says he wants 60 nuggets and we get to naked bantering and I say, 'I'm gonna order you those f'king nuggets and you had better eat them all.'"

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"Now, I need to get out of town, so I get dressed and ask him seriously what he wants. Cool. 20 nuggets, a McChicken meal for his daughter and a strawberry milkshake."

However, once she arrived at the golden arches, the Original Poster (OP) modified the order against her better judgement.

"I'm in the car and being the ridiculous person I am, order the 60 f'king nuggets, chortling with glee."
"Wellllllll, apparently it's not f'king funny.(its f'king funny). It's financially irresponsible and a terrible idea."

When she revealed what she had done, the boyfriend was not lovin' it.

"His texts, which were numerous are all along the lines of, you're stupid, why would you waste your money on CHICKEN NUGGETS, it's not funny, etc etc."
"Which makes me mad, so I end up calling him a stuck up prick, telling him off, and that I hope he gets the nugget sh*ts for a week."
"So yep. I got dumped over 60 chicken nuggets."

We've all been here before, albeit with different results.

"I once jokingly said that I wanted all the nutter butters in the corner store, my girl got me all the nutter butters they had, 2.5 boxes of them, took me 2 months to eat them all." – daleydog69

This pricey prank actually brought two people together.

"Funny story, 13 years ago I jokingly asked my then Girl friend to buy me all the rock stars (energy drink) at the store she worked at."
"She got me 104 of those kidney stone creators...she had a employee discount but still spent almost $100 as a joke."
"We were broke college students during the 2008 recession and she still spent that much on me."
"I married her 2 years later and we're still going strong!" – CyberCrutches

Nobody really breaks up over Chicken McNuggets.

"I'm sensing there was a pre-existing lack of respect and this was the straw that broke the camel's back." – f00fak
"I suspect there is more to this story than just nuggets." – theboi1der
"I really feel like nuggets were not the first problem." – tolmat
"Nuggets are never the first problem unless the problem is 'Why don't I have any nuggets?' – omza

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People made various assumptions about what really resulted in the abrupt breakup.

"Maybe he suspects she is having an affair with the Hamburglar." – ThegreatPee
"Problems? No way... Couldn't possibly be any problems in a relationship when both people are mid 30s and have kids but drink like they're in college and squabble over petty sh*t." – captjacksparrowshat
"I have a feeling she may have made questionable financial decisions before."
"For someone to loose it over 60 nuggets is a bit ridiculous. Unless,the person buys unnecessary sh*t, or spends money they shouldn't be a lot. Then, I get it." – Armsweat

Fiction can be a heck of a lot funnier than truth.

"F'k that, I would way rather believe that this couple has been dating for 4 years, plans of moving in together, everything going great, and then one day literally all of it going out the window because she got 60 chicken nuggets as a joke." – Synyster328
"I don't think she's giving us the full story. I think the real tifu was she didn't order any sweet & sour sauce for the nuggets, rendering them useless." – Hotwifeshusband83

Here are some nuggets of fact, according to Redditor "FelineQuinine."

"Firstly: that's like ten bucks for the 40 extra nuggets."
"Secondly: McNuggets have a creepy-long shelflife. Knew a guy in the military who would buy a f'kload of the dollar-menu nuggets and just pack about a third of his rack space with the little containers."
"You'd be few months into the deployment and this m*therf'ker would nonchalantly pull a McNugget from his pocket to munch on."
"Thirdly: it's f'king funny."

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Love 'em or hate 'em, McNuggets are here to stay.

"McDonald's nuggets become disgusting the minute they arent hot and fresh, though (this applies to all of their food, though). So while technically you can eat them, it wouldn't be enjoyable."
"That being said, her ex is still a grumpy ass. Most people would be grateful for a mountain of nuggets." – Dr-Gooseman
"I would totally consider marrying anyone who bought me 60 surprise McNuggets." – nonono_notagain

The OP updated her post to set the record straight after being accused of disregarding social distancing protocols by making a run for Mickey D's.

"To all you social isolation people and haters. I'm in Canada, had been staying with BF for 2 weeks while my kids were visiting their father. Custody arrangements are still in force here."
"Public health orders are no gatherings of over 10 people."
"Yes, restaurants are open for delivery and take out."

Now, what to do with all of those nuggets?

For nugget fans, this shirt is available here.