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Woman Sets Up Hidden Camera To See How Cat Keeps Escaping From Bathroom, And It's Impressive

@steeleio_, @applextree/Twitter

Everyone who owns a cat, has seen a cat, or has seen a video of a cat, knows that these odd creatures manage to get themselves into all kinds of trouble.

But sometimes, when a cat is backed into a corner, they have to get creative in order to wreak maximum feline havoc.

Twitter user @steeleio_ could not figure out how her roommate's cat was managing to escape their bathroom.

So, she placed a camera in there along with the kitty to find out.

This cat straight up jumped on the counter and opened the door with a little push.

This kitty wasn't all that unique.

Some cats had a talent for the faucet.

Others liked lighting fixtures.

Many felines preferred cupboards and drawers.

And some really didn't know how to door.

Dogs may be man's best friend, but, man, are cats entertaining.