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Rival Groups Of White Protesters Fight Over Who Is 'More Racist' In Bizarre Viral Video

Rival Groups Of White Protesters Fight Over Who Is 'More Racist' In Bizarre Viral Video
Ed Clowes/Twitter

A surreal video out of the UK shows two groups of White protesters as they clash over their chosen rallying cries. One group has opted for the overtly racist "White Lives Matter" while the other has opted for the more subtle "All Lives Matter."

The video was captured by Telegraph journalist Ed Clowes at protests over the June 13 weekend. Initially, Black Lives Matter protests were scheduled for the area. However, for unknown reasons those protests were canceled.

Far-Right counter protesters didn't let that stop them (from counter protesting the protest that wasn't happening?) and descended on London in demonstrations that quickly devolved into riots. Again, there were no BLM protesters involved.

The videos, split over multiple tweets, show that their shared anti-BLM stance wasn't enough to keep tensions from rising between the two groups.

According to Ed, what we are witnessing is a "racist culture clash" of sorts.

The "White Lives Matter" group is plainly and unabashedly interested in White supremacy or White nationalism. They feel the BLM movement threatens them and their privilege directly.

To them, Britain "belongs" to White people, non-Whites can leave if they don't like it.

The "All Lives Matter" ilk will say it isn't racist as all lives do, indeed, matter. They're not particularly open to hearing the history behind the phrase to learn why it may sound softer, but is just as loaded in anti-Black sentiment.

This group wasn't there specifically telling non-Whites to leave Britain, rather they came to protest the removal and vandalism of statues. Protesters worldwide have been taking down monuments to racist, often genocidal figures.

The two groups may have argued passionately with one another about the differences, but all the world seems to be seeing with the video is...

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Ed tweeted his way through the protest, giving us some seriously cringeworthy updates.

But people were really focused on the "who is more racist" argument. It struck folks as ridiculous.

Some folks couldn't help but wonder if "All Lives Matter" guy might have gone home that night realizing a thing or two.

We do not know who "All Lives Matter" guy is, but the internet seems to still have hope for him to recognize the company he keeps.