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Woman Tries To File Police Report Against Black Woman She Just Called The N-Word In Surreal Video

Woman Tries To File Police Report Against Black Woman She Just Called The N-Word In Surreal Video

Jennifer Okosi believes she may well have saved her own life by recording a "Karen" in action during a case of apparent road rage in Holland, Illinois.

The two women were both driving. During a traffic incident that did not involve an accident, the "Karen" called Jennifer a racial slur.

With Jen now recording, the woman then drove to the police to file a report against her.

Once the two got to the station, the woman got out of her car and started to walk inside with Jen right behind her recording and narrating what was happening.

Jennifer posted the confrontation on Twitter.

In the video above, the woman turns around to yell at Jennifer for a moment, saying:

"I'm sorry. I-I-I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry for the looting. I'm sorry for EVERYTHING. What do you want from me?"

Jen asks her—not for the first time—why she called her the n-word, to which the woman offers two reasons.

First, she tells Jennifer that she called her the n-word because she passed her while driving. Then she says it was because she is "So fed up with all this sh*t."

When Jennifer responds the woman throws her hands in the air, turns and enters the police station.

Once inside, the woman's demeanor visibly changes immediately.

The previously loud and confrontational woman from outside the police station begins sobbing, and appears meek and in distress. Experts have long discussed "weaponized White women's tears" and many cite this video and footage of Amy Cooper's demeanor change while speaking to police during her encounter in Central Park as examples.

The White woman walks up to the counter in the police station and pleads for help in a much softer, trembling voice.

"Please, I can't take this anymore..."

The person asks if she needs an officer at which point Jen speaks up and delivers her summary of the situation.

Jen states:

"No, she called me a ni**er and then she drove here to cry. So that's what we're dealing with."

The woman defends her use of the slur, telling the person that Jen passed her on the left.

She then tells the person that she saw videos of the looting and can't take any more. She did not say she witnessed Jennifer looting, only that looting had happened.

Jennifer asks if she really thinks it's okay to call someone a racial slur because you're tired of looting, to which the woman emphatically declares yes. She adds "you guys" call one another the n-word all the time.

Jen reminds the woman she is on camera as the "White lady who called someone a ni**er." She also reminds the woman what year it is, calls her pathetic and tells her to go ahead and get her police officer and tell them whatever she's going to tell them.

The woman—running her hands through her hair—complains she just can't take it anymore and she is so tired of everything. Jen tells the woman that she's tired, too.

The woman continues the wringing and pseudo-sobbing, at one point even putting her head down on the countertop in front of her. Jennifer again encourages the woman to go ahead and file whatever she was going to file, Jennifer has video and has the time today to file whatever she needs to about the racial slur, false report, etc.

The woman leaves the police station and the video ends.

People were flabbergasted, but not surprised.

Some took issue with Jennifer's handling of the situation, but it was clear nobody was at all impressed with "Karen."

However most people felt Jen handled the situation perfectly.

We do not know if the woman returned later and filed a report or what she would have filed the report over.