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Black Man Stunned After Woman Calls Cops On Him For Sitting In His Car In Front Of His Own Home

Black Man Stunned After Woman Calls Cops On Him For Sitting In His Car In Front Of His Own Home

We've been awash in ridiculous encounters with so-called "Karens" lately, but a new encounter recently gone viral takes ridiculousness to a whole new level. A White woman called the police on a Black man who was sitting in his carin front of his own house.

The man is stunned by the turn of events, as can be heard in the first thing he says as the video begins:

"Didn't think this would happen to me."

The video of the incident first appeared in the PublicFreakout subReddit before showing up on Twitter earlier today. Warning: video contains offensive language

The man explains in the video he was waiting for his son to come out to the car, but the woman clearly does not believe him.

She is seen standing on the man's porch at his front door, commanding him to come prove he lives there.

"Why don't you come into your f*cking house?"

The man simply replies, "no problem," walks up to the porch and through his front door and continues speaking in disbelief.

"This is my house, you crazy lady! Another White lady pulling some old bullcr*p."

The woman stands on the porch looking at the man through the door and shaking her head as if he is lying.

She demands to know why the man was sitting in his car. When the man refuses to answer her, she storms off.

She said she called the police and yelled profanities at the man as she goes.

"Park in your fuc*in driveway idiot! ... You're a fuc*in drug dealer!"

The man, understandably, is left shocked.

"Amazing. You see this stuff on the internet all the time, but you never think it's gonna happen to you at your own house. But there it is, there it is."

On Twitter and Reddit, people were in dumbfounded.

"We don't talk enough about how truly insidious this is. This isn't a triggered, fragile basket case who defaults to racism when she gets mad."
"She actively left her sphere of existence to interfere in someone else's. When confronted with contradictory reality, she lazily checks out."
"Impudent. She's just shaking her head as if the whole situation is decided. Predetermined even."
"She then doesn't care if she's right because, for her, the police are now between her and them. Truth is irrelevant in the face of her larger mythology. Fuck her entire existence." --anarchistfajitas
"... it's because she's a White supremacist. This is the 'boy, what you doing round these parts?' attitude that's killed untold people of color over centuries." --serendipitousevent

And many were shocked by the way the "Karen" dug in her heels even after she was proven wrong..

"She doesn't believe him. Look at her shaking her head. She can't comprehend that a Black man lives in the same neighborhood as her." --Lyn1987
"And what really gets me, didn't say sorry, so stuck up herself that she can't even bring herself to say sorry and that she made a mistake. But instead continues swearing and calls him a drug dealer..." --hhhjjj111111222222
"That look on her face when he walked into the house. I don't know why these dumb f'ks can't just mind their own business." --boredaz

Neither party in the video has yet been identified. It is not yet known if the police ever came to the scene.