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Band Changes Name Of Song In Solidarity After Fan Gets Title Tattooed On Arm With Glaring Typo

@clancybitch/Twitter; @awsten/Twitter

A dedicated fan of the band Waterparks tattooed the title of the song "See You In The Future" on his arm, only to realize the artist added an extra "In" to the title.

The fan, @clancybitch, posted a photo of the tattoo "See You In In The Future" to Twitter.

Well, the band's frontman, Awsten Knight, decided it was only right to change the name of the song for the devoted fan.

The singer also posted the update to his TikTok, saying:

"Someone's tattoo artist misspelled the title of my bands song 'See You In The Future' by adding two 'Ins,' so I fixed it on all streaming platforms."

see you in in the future baby #selfcare #tattoo #waterparks #foryou








That's exactly what happened. Fans on Twitter shared images of the original title tattooed correctly.

Clancy might be very happy now, but a lot of people who got it right the first time probably aren't.