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Octopus Injects Venom Into Washington Woman's Face When She Poses With It For Goofy Photo Op

"You played yourself."

That's what people are saying to Washington fisherwoman Jamie Bisceglia after she put an octopus on her face for a photo competition during a fishing derby.

The little guy ended up latching onto her with its tentacles before biting her, injecting its venom.

Bisceglia described the wound as a mess of blood and pus that forced her to check herself into the hospital two days later.

Take a look at the photos below and wonder:

"Was it worth it?"

Bisceglia ended up regretting the photo op.

"They took me in stat, but the IVs didn't work and my arm swelled up like an elephant."

It sounds as though she might have learned her lesson.

"I want people not to do what I did. My advice is, know what you're touching beforehand."



People weren't exactly sympathetic.

Some are even nominating her for a Darwin Award.

Bisceglia is a veteran fisher, but hopefully this experience will teach her to be careful which animals she puts on her face.

And she may want to watch out for this...


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